MiCad – Design Software



Mitan offers to its customers a professional tool to design complex SMATV distribution systems.

Using the MiCad software, developed by Mitan, the installer can design the distribution system identifying the antenna type, the required amplification levels, the passive elements of the distribution system. The software also calculates the signal levels at the TV plug.

A full library of Mitan components (with input/output transfer function) is available, so to speed up the building of the system.

The design can be simulated, calculating signal levels at all nodes of the architecture, and this information can be used while implementing the system to check step by step the system operation.

To ease the data input, a list of custom channels can be added, depending on th eterriotry the installer is used to work in.

Finally, when the design is complete, Micad generates a Bill of Materials including list prices. This document can be attached to a formal quotation for the end user.  Prices are regularly updated according to the last published price list.

Micad is available for free. The downloadable version is limited to 30 components, but can easily be unblocked following the free registration procedure.

Please Check the DOWNLOAD section for the last release.