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La risposta completa a tutte le esigenze di ricezione TV


History says a lot about a successful company

Mitan was founded in 1986, thanks to the initiative of the founder that  understood that many technical difficulties in receiving TV signals in some areas (due to complicated broadcasting configurations or to unwanted local interferences) may become an opportunity to develop “tailored” products, filling a market need that the big SMATV companies were not interested to cover.

Since the  beginning, the detailed evaluation of the TV installer needs and the highly respected technical competence used to design the “right” product are the key factors characterizing the company. The first commercial relationships with the specialized SMATV resellers are based on reciprocal trust and a shared understanding of the market.

The “tell a friend” among TV installers in the north-east area of Italy, where the company is historically based, determines a quick growth of the company reputation and consequently also an increase of geographical coverage and turnover results.

During the 90s Mitan performs a slow but stable internal growth to manage the increase in technical, manufacturing and sales activities. A sales network is developed, based on sales representatives covering north and middle of Italy.

The product offer becomes bigger and richer, integrating the traditional tailored products with standard SMATV products, designed and manufactured by Mitan taking advantage of the competence and experience developed with custom products. Progressively, all the products required by the TV installer to implement a TV reception system, either satellite or terrestrial, are added, ranging from the antenna on the roof to the TV plug on the wall behind the TV set.

At the end of 2006, the company headquarter is moved to the present site in Farra di Soligo (TV),  large enough to cover the increased operations and warehouse.

In May 2009, Mitan introduces, first in Italy, at ANGA CABLE in Cologne (Germany), the most important exhibition of the SMATV market, its transmodulation RKM modular headend, to trans-modulate signals from DVB-S to DVB-T inside multi-user installations (hotels, villages, hospitals, …) .

In the period 2009- 2012 the sales network is further developed, covering finally the full italian country.
In 2013, thanks to the universality of DVB standards, first export relationships are activated.