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La risposta completa a tutte le esigenze di ricezione TV


The Added Value is a default option for us

  • Deep technical know-how

    applied to design a full range of products, from the simple frequency  mixer (with traditional hand-soldered PTH components) to complex mixed analog/digital boards, with microprocessors and hybrid RF components.  RF Design and Simulation software available.

  • Fully equipped RF and Digital Measurement Lab

    with modern RF and digital instrumentation : vector network analyzers up to 6 GHz, spectrum analyzers, power meters, mixed signals digital oscilloscopes.

  • Production Capacity

    both PTH and SMD-based, with the flexibility to manage both low-volume custom orders or large fully industrialized production lots .

  • Sales Network

    covering the  full country, with expert sales representatives capable to work side by side with the customer, assuring a steady flux of information from and towards the company. The network is supported by internal senior resources, integrating when required the support to the customer and to the installer.


  • Partnership

    Technical and Market cooperations with othe rcompanie sleading in their markets or in some key products, that are complementary to the Mitan catalog, in order to offer a complete portfolio of products and solutions for SMATV applications.

Know-how, Accountability, Problem solving, Flexibility: everything generates from the value of People.