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La risposta completa a tutte le esigenze di ricezione TV


The Mitan Approach

A full range of products and solutions to solve the requirements of the most complex TV antenna system, be it satellite or terrestrial.

More than 25 years of experience and dialogue with TV technicians allow Mitan to manufacture SMATV products with the right-fit  technical specifications, always aligned updated with the technology evolution and taking care of every specific need of a local territory .

The multi-level dialogue between the  Company and the day-by-day users of our products is what gives us a better speed.

Our sales network is every day close to our resellers partners, promoting the knowledge of new products and taking care of any commercial feedback from the Field.

Periodically, we set up technical seminars at our customers premises to train the TV installer on new technologies and new products. As a change, the seminars are a valuable opportunity to collect precious feedbacks on our products perfomances and improvement suggestions coming  from professionals using our products every day.

Our experienced Technical Support works side by side with TV installers and electricians that get in touch with the company to get some help to develop the design of a TV distribution system, or to check together any installation issue.

Every technical feedback is validated and reported to the R&D lab, in order to apply any valuable information to new product design or to any current product revisions.

The active relationship with the main broadcasters (Mediaset, Rai/Raiway,Sky, tivusat) make us possible to identify the market&technology trends market and therefore to start product development  according to them.

The right answer to every question.
The Mitan vocabulary starts with “A” like “Affidabilità” (in english: reliability).